Monday, May 22, 2017

Internet issues and a full week.

We have had a week of flaky internet connection. I've been reading your posts but unable to comment most days. And it's been impossible to upload photos. Very frustrating.

It had been unseasonably hot for days. We are now back to spring weather and more rain.

The days have been full; grandittles visiting, new cat-sitting clients to meet, playing in the greenhouse and getting more plants into pots for outside. My little island of spring flowers are almost at their end and have been so pretty to enjoy from the mouse-house window. Sun-puddles have been worshiped by the two ladies. Annie is doing very well :) and we had our grand-dog, Forrest, visiting for the weekend.

I've been meeting more of Manotick's finest felines through my in-home cat-sitting service. One fabulous fellow has white bobby socks in the front and white knee socks in the back. And guess what? His name is NOT Socks. lol
Another has a big black smudge down his nose. So many cute cats and all with unique and intoxicating personalities.
I will be getting busy again in June and hope to share a few of my charges.

This guy...

Forrest loves to run around the mouse-house property and his favorite hang-out is the little wood-lot.
This guy is very prey-driven so he has to be supervised while there. When |I see him digging at the holes in the ground (chipmunk dens) it's time to throw a ball or frisby.

We've been gardening and trying to stay on top of dandelions. The grass was cut for the first time this season but we had to do a detour around the bird-house where mama Tree Swallow is nesting. She was furious with the noise as we got closer to her house and let us know it by hanging out the opening and squawking. The lawn-mower was immediately driven out of her area. I guess our lawn will look crazy for another few weeks. And she's worth it. :)

It's lilac time at the mouse-house and, as soon as it stops raining, I will show you my grandmother's lilac bush. 

I'm glad to be back on-line.
Enjoy your evening.
hugs, Deb

Monday, May 15, 2017

The bones of the wood-lot

                                     moss-covered logs at the entrance to the wood-lot

  "Come along for a walk with me."

To visit the woodlot you first walk past the 150 year old out-house (now decorated for every occasion)  that I so fondly wrote about in the past. :-b
Right now it is home to a family of chipmunks. :) 
 It is hugged by a creepy old vine that is probably as old as the out-house.
I'm very protective of the 'ol vine.
The ground is covered with years of fall leaves creating a soft, crinkly carpet to walk upon.

Hundreds of skinny maple trees surround you as you zig zag through the lot.
And you are serenaded by our many different birds that call these trees their home.
Today I saw blue-jays, chickadees, juncos, nut-hatch, sparrows, rose-breasted grosbeak, cardinal and wrens. Many singing...all seem happy.

And it was fun last Easter to design four paths for the chocolate egg hunters.

Which way do we go?
 The grandittles had such a fun time.
They find it magical back here...and so do I. :)

And there are piles of branches and tree trunks to cut up for fire-wood this winter.

The old stone wall above was built by my ancestors.
What I'd give to travel back in time to watch that happen.

It is at the back along the old stone wall that our beloved departed cats are laid to rest.
A place that soothes my soul.

And since there are a few hanging boxes full of peanuts in the trees, you will often be accompanied by a resident chipmunk as you walk about.
 Dinner time
So that's to show you the bones of the wood-lot.
I look forward to bringing you along for a closer look at life that goes on in there. :)

We've just had company so these two are pooped.
Audrey...really? That face!

Mother's Day was so much fun.
I was spoiled, as usual, with brunch, flowers and chocolates.

It's been cool and rainy,
but now,
 with the weather in the high +20's
it's time to do more planting. :)
Hydrangea from my daughter.
I hope you had a fun weekend.
hugs, Deb

Friday, May 12, 2017

Love on Mother's Day

The first photo of me and my mom.

My mom was my hero, my rock and my best friend.
"Happy Mother's Day in heaven, mom."

This was my beautiful mother-in-law, Mabel.
She made me feel part of her family the moment we met.
She was a wonderful grandmother to our three children;
the kind you grow up with making cherished memories.
We miss her.

And I can't wait to celebrate the day with my beautiful family that include wonderful mothers, daughter Jess and daughter-in-law Brittany.
I hope they get spoiled lots.

And, since some of you have asked how she's doing,we can't forget Annie, mother of the audacious Audrey.
8 weeks after her and babies arrived from shelter.

I am so thankful that she is recovering well from her surgery, enough to raid my jewellery box today.
Aw...but don't pearls suit her?

"Happy Mother's Day, Annie"

She is feeling well and back to her playful self.
A special treat planned for dinner.


"Happy Mother's Day" 
to all you beautiful mothers out there.

hugs, Deb

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

After the rain.

It was a bit shocking to look out the teeny dining area window yesterday morning to see snow falling. Geesh, this weather????
While watching the snow I noticed a grey squirrel and a crow having an early morning argument in the old maple tree outside the teeny bedroom window. I gathered that the crow was getting too close to the squirrel's nest and mama was fit to be tied. The crow, as most crows are, was persistent and very annoying. Mama squirrel eventually won the row and the bird left. I wonder now if she will move her babies because of this intruder. Crows are evil things when it comes to nest raiding.

The nest is in the hole below

Noah's Ark left yesterday after forty days of rain. OK, I'm exaggerating but it sure seemed that long. My funny little greenhouse was flooded and looked rather pathetic for a few days. I just watered the flowers and sprouts to keep them alive and then stayed clear of the place 'til today. It's time to clean up a bit in there since it is a dirt floor and there was a foot of water inside which is now just mud. You can see how high the water was by the pots on the ground. Next time, for sure, I will put it on higher ground.

The sun is really trying to stay out now. We need a few days of it to dry the grounds up. I think we all deserve a lot of flowers blooming. Some of mine are trying their darnedest. :) The lilac trees are budding.

I'm all stocked up with fresh from the farm organic brown eggs from Lucy across the road. Eighty-five happy chickens; bless their little feathered hearts. They are laying so much lately that I came home with three dozen today. I'm happy.
Dropping in on Lucy for eggs turns into a 30 minute conversation of the goings on in the area and a little story telling on her part of days gone by. I`ve learned a lot of the history of this area from these conversations.

 It was very quiet at Lucy`s farm as the cats were napping in the dry hay in the barn and the cattle and Charlotte were in the field. I very seldom see her guard dog as he is busy doing his job.
Every night, though, at five o`clock, you can hear Charlotte braying for her dinner. :)

hugs, Deb

Sunday, May 7, 2017

cluttered country cottage china cupboard love & a treasured photo

On a rainy and dark weekend I play with my blue and white.
China dishes were washed and then placed back in their cluttered country cottage china cupboard.

My maternal grand-parents, Mary & John
on their wedding day.

They were the original settlers of the land we now live on.
I feel my grandmother's presence every time I garden here.
She was known for her beautiful flowers and welcoming home.
Her love of children and cats.
Her side-kick was a beautiful brown tabby girl named Maggie.

I never met my grandfather as he passed away the year I was born.

"I see the 'ol gal that lives here now hasn't noticed something.
 hee hee"


"Hey, where did her ear go?"


hugs, Deb

Saturday, May 6, 2017

So while it rains...

how does one get through three days of constant rain?

Here at the mouse-house there is...
1. a lot of looking out the windows and swearing. :-[
2. baking of something 'oh so yummy'
3. picking up the grand dog for a sleep over
4. taking a drive straight to the favorite chip wagon
5. reading, writing, picture organizing
6. grooming two lovable spoiled felines
7. visiting the greenhouse to water new plants 
8. staying in the greenhouse because it's dry and smells good in there
9. potting up a few more plants with my rain-lovin' grand-dog
10. feather play with  a more comfortable and purring machine, Annie

Upside down apple cake

Every time I got mad at the constant rain I reminded myself of the people not far from us in fear of losing their homes to water damage. We have nothing to complain about and pray for sun.

Our little chipping sparrow would tip his cap if he could to our Ottawa Senators. Congratulations guys on a great game. :)

"Go Sens"

hugs, Deb