Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Poor Audrey and welcoming back spring critters.

While I was reading emails, this emerged from her vintage, beat-up, Wilson Tomatoes box.

                            "You're typing too loud."

Oh, sorry love. 
She's been trying to rest up after such a harried weekend with grand-dog Forrest here.

Grabbing her bull-winkle moose and tearing the squeaker out of it was all just too much.
She's devastated.


And apparently he smells...
like dog.

She just needs a few days....

Well, spring has sprung

and there's lots of mud
mixed in with piles and piles of snow.
We'll be awhile before the grass peaks through
and the buds pop out.
So, for now, we'll enjoy the spring birds
and the warmer sun-shine.

The turkeys are back at the feeders.
They have been deeper in the bush most of the winter.
They will be a common sight now and will keep the ground around the feeders cleaned up.
I'd like to see the hawk try to mess with one of them.
They stand about two and a half feet high.
I have been known to 'run like a girl' when one stares at me.

Glad to have the robins back, too.

And the deer
I was over to visit our neighbour, Lucy, and pick up our week's worth of fresh eggs today. 
This time I brought a treat for 'the ladies' to thank them for all their hard work. 
Bless their little chicken hearts.
Lucy will cut this all up for them for dinner.

I took the opportunity to ask her about the tracks at the back along our stone wall. 
She tells me these are deer tracks.
She watched a deer walk past her house and through our property just yesterday.

I'm always finding tracks that I'm not sure of.
Another mystery solved.

hugs, Deb

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Around the mouse-house today.

A special gift arrived in the mail last week.

Beautiful hand-made greeting cards from the lovely Jeanie at
Aren't they pretty.

"Thank you, Jeanie. It's always so nice to get 'fun mail'."
 I love Jeanie's blog so much.
I hope you drop over and meet her and her lovely Lizzie. You'll be glad you did. 

I was watching over the little birds again today.
The dastardly hawk returned this morning; watching from high atop a maple tree.
I tucked the new platform feeder under a pile of branches so it was hidden and took down other feeders.
The ground feeding birds are at most risk such as the mourning doves and juncos. Even the blue-jays clean up seed off the snow.
They have no protection on the ground. 
The hawk was disturbed by our movement in the window and left.
The birds disappeared quickly and  hid for a few hours.

I'm really getting annoyed with this hawk.

I hate to have to stop feeding for awhile but I may have to.
And for how long?
I don't know.

The sun was so warm today.
And the snow from the last storm is melting fast.
But it could melt faster. :-b
Tomorrow is the first day of spring.

"What the......."

Audrey has a hard time figuring out my style of decorating. It's all useless junk to her. And it doesn't even taste good. Believe me, she tried. "Blah....."

Now this is a treat.

Served up with piping hot coffee at tea-time.

Enjoy the last day of winter, everyone, and maybe indulge just a little.

hugs, Deb

Friday, March 17, 2017

A path for Forrest

I'm pooped from shoveling out a path, once again, at the back of the property. Our tractor blows out a good portion of it and then I get my exercise by continuing further.

Our grand-dog, Forrest, comes for the weekend and he will appreciate all my work so he can have a long path to run.

He will run to the back, around the wood-lot and back to the mouse-house; his tongue hanging out and a goofy smile on his face. He'll do that every chance he gets.

I haven't told the cats yet but I think they may know something.

"Aw, geesh..."
I'd better stock up on cat treats.

There is no end to shoveling around the feeders.

My chickadees were first to the new platform feeder I hung for the birds today. It's much bigger than the one that was there so... more room, more birds.

This little downy woodpecker prefers the last of the suet.

The sun is glorious today and it is calm and quiet. It's a day to find any excuse to be outside. Maybe I'll have some green tea and head back out.


Ever wonder what age your cat is in human years?
Here's a chart that will answer that question.

Cat Age...........................Human Age

6 months........................10 years
1 year...............................15 years
2 years............................24 years
4 years............................32 years
6 years............................40 years
8 years............................48 years
10 years...........................56 years
12 years...........................64 years
14 years...........................72 years
16 years...........................80 years
18 years...........................88 years
20 years...........................96 years
21 years..........................100 years

"Happy St. Paddy's Day" to all.

hugs, Deb

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Unpredictable March

It just snowed for two days straight; heavy, wet snow.
Everyone was shocked...
"Not again!"
We are all just fed up by now.
Other than one appointment, it was a good time to hunker down and get some inside projects done.
And maybe a bit of spring decorating.
And drink lots of hot tea.
The birds were in a panic once again.

Even Audrey hid for most of it.

But today the sun came out, the snow-fall ended, the temperature went up
and the birds were calm and happy again.

The unpredictable month of March.
You'd think we'd be used to it by now.

hugs, Deb

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Looking back...

A few posts back I wrote about my grandmother's cat, Maggie, and how I had named one of my own cats after her.
I found these pics of her in a box I was going through and thought I'd share.
This is what she looked like the day I brought her home in 1992.
Twelve weeks old and full of mischief.
She always looked surprised.

Her and I at Christmas when she was five years old. 
This photo brought back such precious memories of her. She loved to be held while you danced around the room. She would hold on tight, close her eyes and purr. lol 
She was such a darling cat and lived 'til age eighteen.

Snow, snow and more snow...
Here's Audrey after I fill the bird feeders.
She is always waiting for the Pileated Woodpecker to return.
We had one of those large birds visit a year or so back and she almost 'had a bird' when it flew in and landed outside the window. They stand about 2 ft. tall.

These birds spend their time in dead trees and there are plenty of those right across the road from us.

We are snowed in this morning.
And, it's still snowing.
I need a second cup of coffee.

Stay warm.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Thank you

Thank you everyone for your tips and suggestions on making changes to Audrey's morning ritual. You guys are the best. It was fun reading all about your own cat's morning routines.
All your suggestions were helpful and Eastside Cats (pop over and visit) hit the nail on the head (for most cats) when she suggested more play-time before bed for an energetic kitty like the audacious one. I did a post awhile back on that exact topic because so many cats sleep far too much throughout the day and evening.  Let's face it, they can only sleep so much and with busy schedules like most cat-owners have, it's not always easy to find the time in the evening for cat play. But, to strengthen the bond, keep kitty stimulated and maybe even sleeping in in the morning, it's well worth your time.
Here, it works fine for Annie. A little playtime each night keeps her snuggled under the covers longer come morning. But it doesn't work for Audrey. I think for her it's just a fun thing to wake up the humans and get the day rollin'. Plus she wants her stinky goodness. Maybe I'll just get to bed earlier.  

"I wonder what you taste like."

Annie with one of her morning rituals

Not nearly as annoying. :)

There's a few signs of spring at the mouse-house.

Although there is more snow on the way as I type
there are some spring flowers popping up along our front fence.
The red-winged blackbirds are back.
Five robins sat on the old pump this morning probably asking each other why the heck they came back so early.
There's lots of mud here...and I'm not complaining.

Stay warm.
hugs, Deb

Monday, March 13, 2017

Celebrating our favorite people and a question.

I'm sitting here, feet up and a hot tea in hand while I type. It's been a full weekend of celebrating loved ones. My brother's girlfriend, my son and my youngest grandson are all now one year older.

It was a fun weekend.

With the time change, we are all feeling tired and Audrey doesn't give two hoots about that. She still got me up at 5:30 by screaming like a hyena and flinging my watch across the bedroom and on to the floor. My bedroom blind, torn to bits now, is then attacked because she loves the sound of it as it is thrust against the bedroom window; her claws tearing the fabric ever so slowly.
I swear if I knew of a feline behaviourist that could diagnose this cat's problem without taking me to the cleaners I would. Instead I will just keep reading about The Cat and WHY they do what they do and figure it out myself. I have quite a library of cat behaviour books as I cared for cat's for years while their owners travelled. After moving from our home of twenty-five years, I now offer this service in our new area.  Very slowly the business grows.
But getting back to Audrey, I'm just wondering if any of my blogging friends are as fortunate as I am to be woken every morning by a holy terror in a cat costume. Not one of my books so far addresses her behaviour. Why doesn't that surprise me.

We are in for another snow-storm so the resident birds are on my mind.
Suet and full feeders will help them through it. We'll hunker down in the mouse-house and drink tea. ;-)

"Best have coffee, woman. You look about ninety this morning."

Stay warm.

hugs, Deb